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Hearing Aids

Both Dr. Abbott and Dr. Araj prescribe and fit hearing aids through Bay Area Audiology, our audiology practice which is conveniently located within the ENT medical practice. Having received doctoral-level training to fit and dispense hearing aids, our audiologists fit hearing aids personally to achieve superior comfort and maximum hearing improvement. At other facilities, the person fitting and dispensing hearing aids has usually met only the bare minimum of educational requirements and training, and cannot perform comprehensive evaluations.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Our audiologists fit hearing aids manufactured by GN ReSound, Phonak, Lyric, and Widex.

Hearing Aid Types

There are several different types of hearing aids available, ranging from types that are completely in the ear canal and not outwardly visible to more powerful behind-the-ear types. Audiologists assist patients in determining which instrument is right for them based on the nature and extent of the hearing loss and the patient’s unique lifestyle.

  • Completely in the Canal: For mild to moderate hearing loss, and not outwardly visible.
  • In the Ear: For mild to severe hearing loss, the largest of custom hearing aids.
  • Open Ear: For hearing loss in the high frequency region but normal hearing in the low-frequency region. It’s comprised of a small case which sits behind the ear, with a thin tube that goes into the ear.
  • Behind the Ear: For mild to profound hearing loss, using a traditional custom ear mold.
ReSound Verso Hearing Aids
Widex Hearing Aids
Phonak Bolero Q Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Colors

Our audiology practice offers a very wide range of colors. Available colors include various nude shades to maintain a discrete profile, bright and stylish colors such as red, pink, green, or blue, and sleek modern colors such as gray, silver, black, or white.

Hearing Aid Services

In addition to fitting hearing aids, our audiologists provide hearing aid maintenance services, repairs, and cleanings. They also dispense batteries, battery cases, Dri-Kits, electric dry kits, dry kit desiccants, and other supplies to care for and maintain hearing aids.

Our audiologists can also program and repair many different models and brands of hearing aid devices. If you purchased your hearing aids elsewhere and they need care or programming, please contact our office with the make and model of your device, and an audiologist will let you know they are capable of servicing or programming it.

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