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Foreign Body Removal

Foreign bodies of the ear or nose most often involve young children, but can happen to adults as well. Common foreign bodies include rocks, beads, toys, household items, food or candy, cotton Q-tip ends, and even insects. Foreign bodies of the ear or nose should be removed as soon as their presence is discovered, because leaving them inside the body can result in both immediate and long-term health problems.

Our ENT physicians are capable of locating and removing most foreign bodies of the ear and nose in the office. Successful removal depends on various circumstances, including the foreign body’s location, the shape and consistency of the foreign body, and the patient’s cooperation. If the foreign body is particularly troublesome or the patient is particularly uncooperative, the use of a surgical facility and/or surgical procedure may be necessary to successfully remove the foreign body.

Foreign bodies of the throat (known as pharyngeal or tracheal foreign bodies) are generally viewed as medical emergencies, and should addressed as soon as possible.

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