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Balloon Sinuplasty


Balloon Sinuplasty for Chronic Pain Relief

If you suffer from any form of chronic sinus pain, Clear Lake Medical Center ENT wants to help you find the right long-term solution so dealing with pain doesn’t dominate your everyday life. We’re proud to offer balloon sinuplasty from ACCLARENT, Inc., a proven solution for eligible patients that doesn’t involve invasive surgery or medications. If you’d like to learn more or find out if balloon sinuplasty is right for you, we encourage you to make an appointment at our office in Webster, TX, for a personal sinus health evaluation.


Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms Indicating You’re a Good Candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty

Sinusitis causes inflammation or swelling in the sinus tissue lining, often leading to chronic pain. The blockages from swelling are prone to germs and infections that might last a few days or a few weeks and cause painful symptoms the entire time.

Symptoms of sinusitis include:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Thick nasal discharge or postnasal discharge
  • Pressure in the face around the nose, eyes, forehead and/or cheeks
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Reduced sense of smell or taste
  • Chronic cough
  • Any combination of the above symptoms

Patients can experience intense pain during an acute infection that can occur multiple times throughout the year. If you’ve experienced sinusitis, you know the pain and inconvenience of visiting doctors and urgent care clinics frequently, and taking strong medications with side effects. Clear Lake Medical Center ENT would like to help you explore a long-term solution that doesn’t involve medication or emergency doctor visits.


Causes of Chronic Sinus Pain

The variety of symptoms associated with sinusitis and other nasal conditions are indicative of many potential causes. From external problems like allergies to particles or substances in your daily life to the nasal structures you were born with, chronic sinus pain can be a constant obstacle to living a full and active lifestyle. We’re always ready to provide information about chronic sinus disease and sinusitis. If you have a deviated nasal septum or allergies, our specialists will inform you about allergy testing and sublingual immunotherapy and help you find the right treatment.

Even if you suspect a specific cause, you should always share your thoughts with your doctor during a professional medical examination before pursuing treatment. An accurate diagnosis from our qualified medical team is an important first step in deciding if a balloon sinuplasty can offer you effective, long-lasting relief from your symptoms.


Addressing Sinus Pain Using Balloon Sinuplasty

A balloon sinuplasty is a convenient in-office, outpatient procedure that takes less than an hour. A small, flexible balloon catheter opens up nasal passageways to relieve both pressure and pain, and 96% of patients experience positive results. Because it’s minimally invasive, recovery time is short and there is no need for anesthesia. After the procedure, your ability to breathe easier will last much longer.

Contact Clear Lake Medical Center ENT in Webster, TX, to learn more about a balloon sinuplasty and schedule an appointment today.

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