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Bay Area Audiology in Webster

What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a licensed healthcare professional who holds a doctoral degree in audiology and is trained to evaluate problems relating to ears and hearing including hearing loss, balance disorders, and ringing or noise in the ear. They counsel patients on noise-induced damage to the ear, provide hearing protection devices, and fit patients with custom ear protection for hunting, performing, flying, swimming, or other various activities. They also fit, dispense, and service hearing aids to patients with hearing impairment.

If an audiologist determines that hearing aids are right for a patient, they will help the patient select the optimal hearing aids, show the patient how to care for and clean the hearing aids, and provide various services associated with maintaining, repairing, or adjusting the hearing aids for particular listening environments. The audiologist will also counsel the patient as to what to expect from the hearing aids, and may refer the patient to additional educational materials.